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    Whilst it may be that there is a section of our communities who are more likely to steal a horse than others I feel that comments like this just show a prejudice... Something that also leads us toward thinking its gypsies is that last summer my sister found a man dressed in dark clothes with his hood up in the field with the ponies with his hand out to them..... !

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    we are encountering robberies of tack all over right now particularly here in suffolk, Suffolk police have kick begun horsewatch which has as of now keep a few of my companions having their tack stolen just by surrendering them the heads, postcoding is a smart thought i have every one of my seats done!

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    Quote Originally Posted by KarynK View Post
    Some words of wisdom from Hampshire Horsewatch

    Stolen Horses are a horse owner’s worse nightmare. There have been a number of recent incident with thieves targeting Shetlands or perhaps similar in size.

    Theft of horses is very difficult to prevent for all the obvious reasons. However there are deterrents to prevent thefts and importantly identify horses to owners and this is freeze marking. The decision to do so is with YOU the owner. As with all stolen property the item taken is invariably only worth something if someone is prepared to buy it. So as horse owners or someone thinking of buying one only do so if you know who you are buying from.

    YOU - the community have it in your power to prevent many horse thefts by closing down the possibility of a sale. YOU know that at present Shetlands are being stolen......if you know someone who is selling, advertising for sale Shetlands make some enquiries and if needs be report the matter to the police. Genuine sellers of horses have nothing to fear. YOU the community are best placed to enquire and investigate on behalf of your fellow horse owners who may be the victims of a horse theft.

    Always remember never to put yourself in any danger if enquiring into any matters. Gathering information and passing it on to the police or your county Horsewatch will be just as useful.

    Another worrying trend following on from the theft of horses is that the thieves will contact the owners of the horse saying they know where the horse is or can arrange for its recovery. The owner is only too grateful to recover the horse that they will gladly give up money as a reward! If YOU should be in this position seek advice from your police. Always make sure YOU know who your investigating officer is so you can keep him/her informed.


    How can you tell if a a horse is stolen? I've recently purchased a 15.2hh coloured horse through what I thought was a respectable site ( preloved) this is where the advertiser published this horse for sale it had a link to their stables. ( meadow stables Essex) yep Sam pheby. Turns out not only is the horse sick but is not the horse sold on the passport?

    My passport details states My-Anni I would like to trace last owner details of the passport. But would also like to trace last owners of the horse I have purchased that doesn't go with this passport other than meadow stables where I purchased it from..

    How do I do this? I'm advised via my vet that micro chip data is hard to trace as there over 70 organisations that don't link together? On top of that I've found that owning more than one horse involves number of passport agency's which (if) a society they request the passport returned to Check change of ownership where GOV sites request u do on line & they check nothing!! What a farce !! If defra wanted this in place surely it should be 1 x organisation and the return of the passport with a valid receipt of purchase should help the ones that don't register.

    I'm not sure if my horse is stolen? But wouldn't like to think someone out there looking for it either so would like some help to trace the horses owners just to be safe can anyone help me please

    Thanks for reading

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    Morning everyone,

    On the night of the 21/22 August two trailers were stolen from where I keep my horse in Marden, Maidstone, Kent. Both trailers were secured and the thieves went to great lengths to remove hitch locks and wheel clamps and still got away with the trailers.

    My trailer is a Silver HB506 with the serial number - 5129515 and the chassis number - SCKD00000G5129515

    The trailer was also fitted with sliding haynet ties and is in very good condition.

    If you have any information at all, or come accross it, I would be grateful if you could contact the police. The crime reference number is -

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    I would put this on FB.

    Before you press the button...please look at the website! This is not advertising!

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    With dark evenings coming and Christmas on its way, some of these idea's may be helpful in some way to protect your property


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