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    Default Lowfold farm Lepton - Sue Pearson

    I am thinking about buying a horse from Lowfold Farm, Green Balk Lane, Lepton.
    Has anyone else had delaing with them?

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    Default Re: Lowfold farm Lepton - Sue Pearson

    Yep they are genuine horses there however she does over price them and whilst I was there they had name tags on their doors with heights on them, they were far from accurate.
    Also my friend went to buy one from her and she wouldn't pay the asking price (well over priced and had been ruined since arrival) agreed on a lower price, day before collection was told he was sold.

    Do you have a link to the ads, just wondering as it may be some I recognise.

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    Default Re: Lowfold farm Lepton - Sue Pearson

    I've seen a few horses which have come from there and as jesterfaerie states they seem nice enough, genuine sort of horses. Can't say I've looked into their pricing but I have heard they're over-priced.



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