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    Default Learning to ride at age 50. Advice wanted

    Hello all,
    At the age of 50 i've decided to learn to ride. it's something that has always appealed but I've never tried before. I've had one lesson which I enjoyed but it was with a group of children & I felt rather out of place.
    I would welcome any advice/ experiences of anyone who has been in my position. I live in East sussex.

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    Default Re: Learning to ride at age 50. Advice wanted

    i started to ride after 15 years again recently and then progressed to owning my own. take it easy and dont pressure yourself, i thought i was still a kid again and would need a month out before i would be out charging round xcountry courses! Just relax get a good school and kind instructor who gives you confidence- why not see if someone on here can recmmend one - and enjoy!

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    Default Re: Learning to ride at age 50. Advice wanted

    Get a good instructor who teaches by positive reinforcement and doesn't treat you as if you were a retarded 12 year old.

    it took me four tries (coming back into riding at 40) to find someone who didn't feel as if they were patronising me, but *did* move my riding forward. If it helps, I went from being a total novice to getting 54% in my first ever prelim test. I know this isn't huge, but it was a fantastic feeling.

    good luck - it's worth it (and yes, I have my own pony now)


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    Default Re: Learning to ride at age 50. Advice wanted

    Ask around different places. Some riding schools round here (Bucks) do group lessons for adult beginners and for people who are free in the day there are cut price mum's lessons with a cup of tea afterwards.

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    Default Re: Learning to ride at age 50. Advice wanted

    Never let age be a barrier to want you want to do! If you can afford it, I would book a few private lessons then join an adult riding lesson - I would hate being with a children's lesson!
    The key to learning is to enjoy it and relax.
    Good luck, let us know how you get on. You won't regret learning to ride - my hacking companion has just turned 60 and she still loves a good fast canter over the stubble fields.
    Oh and welcome to the forum!

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    Default Re: Learning to ride at age 50. Advice wanted

    Well done you :-)

    I assume you have bought up all the radox herbal bath LOL. Seriously though I hope you have lots of fun.

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    Default Re: Learning to ride at age 50. Advice wanted

    If you do have group lessons, don't go in groups of more than 4 at a time, otherwise you don't get as much individual attention and end up spending 3/4 of the time walking/trotting large while the instructor is watching the others. To improve from lesson to lesson, I really believe you need someone watching your every move all the time

    I think you get more value for money having private lessons of about 30 mins, as you progress faster, but group lessons have their place too, as a way to meet other riders, and also, then you're not always feeling scrutinised Although scrutiny is actually no bad thing

    Oh and I know of a guy who rides in his 80s

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    Default Re: Learning to ride at age 50. Advice wanted

    Not giving my age away on here, but age has got nothing to do with it. I fully expect to be riding the ggs at well turned 70, never mind 50. Then I shan't need Income Protection Insurance for when I fall off!

    Just go, enjoy.

    And the older you get, the easier it is to have an empathy with the far-more-competant-than-me kids.

    I find private lessons more productive, because in a group lesson the kids (That's anyone under 30 to me) have all performed each excercise perfectly before I have even sorted out what the hell we are meant to be doing. However I do enjoy my group lessons, and the other riders and instructor do come back each week, so they have obviously learned to live with my incompetence. I don't think they all really need to take the valium.

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    Default Re: Learning to ride at age 50. Advice wanted

    i taught a good friend (male 64 bad knees lol but otherwise fit and well ) to ride in two weeks (riding every day ) he thouroughly enjoyed it and is coming to ride again next month , but as for getting him to go to local equestrian centre where he lives for lessons , hes terrified , thinks hes too old , will be showed up by kids etc , i think its harder to try new things as you get older , by the way hes now decided to buy jods and chaps , cant wait to see this

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    Default Re: Learning to ride at age 50. Advice wanted

    Now that I have a horse (who is adorable and suitable for a novice) my Mum has finally decided that she would like to ride, at the age of 60!

    She wanted me to teach her, as she thought she would be embarrassed if anyone else saw her, but I have persuaded her to have private lessons on my horse with my instructor.

    I can definitely recommend private lessons, at least to begin with, to help you get your confidence. If you are in group lessons, can you ask the riding school if maybe there are any other adults in any of the other group lessons?

    Good luck!



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