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About Taishi
I first started riding when I was about 9 years old and was hooked ever since! I have studied horses since then and would like to think I have a vast knowledge and understanding of horses as I've read many books, seen plenty of clinics on TV and online, watched documentaries and movies and even have had a pony for around 5 years inwhich I had to start from scratch as she was a bit of a project for me due to not being trained well and mistreated, which has worked out really well I might add.
I am strictly a natural horseman, I do not use bits, whips or spurs.
I don't think I'd consider myself an activist but I certainly will advocate where the horses wellbeing and best interest is concerned if I deemed it necessary to do so. I certainly don't beat around the bush or tread lightly with people, I tell them how it is, like it or not.
Since my interest is strictly about horses wellbeing I do not do show jumping, hunting or racing of any kind as I do not believe this is good for any horse and causes alot of unnecessary harm to them, infact alot have paid the ultimate price in the name of sportsmanship and this is a massive turn off for me. As far as I'm concerned it is a privilege to ride a horse, not their obligation, and they should be treated with the respect they deserve. I put horses best interest first, not that of humans who think otherwise and only want what's best for them and not their equine companion.

Deep down I'd like to think myself as a generally nice guy, I have morals and try to keep my dignity intact despite my short temperament and emotional problems. Fact is I care too much and I will let people know if something bothers me, but I'd like to think my heart is in the right place and if people overlooked the negatives they'd see that in me but people are too quick to judge unfortunately.
My Animals:
New Forest Cross Pony called Rosie, 8 yrs, August 2011.
Polecat called Zoey, 10mths, October 2017
I enjoy horse riding, of course, and mostly gaming on my PC in my free time. I am a figurine collector of various kinds, particularly those of movies of fantasy fiction and story novels. I also enjoy anime, comics and manga and like going to the cinema from time to time. I particularly enjoy fantasy, action and comedy movies. I also like going out shopping with friends, which I suppose is strange for a guy but hey, it's nice to be out and about and looking at things that may interest one's self.


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