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17-09-07, 07:04 AM
Would it be too dangerous to take a horse who rears when she has to stand still when she gets excited out hunting?

I took her last year before she had done much and she reared a couple of times but not as big, since then, if she has to wait on a sponsored ride or something, she rears. She's flipped over once, but both of us have learnt to tune in to each other since.

I think it's the excitment boiling over. Unfortunatly..I screwed her up a bit this summr, being a cob I stopped feeding her pretty much, her work load stayed the same and being tired ect ended up in napping and refusing, and even with food, she hasn't got her sparkle for jumping in the ring back (fine at home) so figured a rest then a nice winter hunting would give her her appetite back..then I woke up last night panicking about that!

I figure I can keep her walking around at the end of each line so she doesn't have to stand still, but i'm worried she'll go up when we set off again - I did a gymkarna on her a month or so ago and I kept her moving rather than waiting and on the word "go" she went right up (so only did 1 race then left it) though I wasn't making her stand still..

She doesn't do this unless she's very excited which she doesn't get in day to day activity so I don't think she's really dangerous, just a bit worried what she'll be like, but I really feel she needs it.

I don't know anyone else who would take her that's more experienced than me, no one on my yard will do anything but walk and trot on her, plus I don't really like the idea of someone else taking her hunting..

What would you guys do? Thanks

17-09-07, 09:07 AM
There will be times when you can't walk her around - on a headland for example or even a road. To be honest if a horse known to behave like that was brought out with us and caused any problems, they would be asked to take it home. Only you know how bad your cob is though but do remember that you can get days when there is more standing around than moving.

17-09-07, 09:44 AM
Why don't you get a few people together and hire out a cross country course, instead? That way you could keep moving the whole time and it wouldn't need to be as 'exciting' as a days hunting, but she would still enjoy herself.

09-10-07, 07:10 PM
nupafeed liquid calmer....just takes the edge off...