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21-05-07, 01:07 PM
Its been one thing after another since I bought him about 2 months ago, but my boy is now recovering (fingers crossed!) from a minor sacroilliac ligament strain.... he is now not unlevel but does not move straight with one hind leg (you wouldnt really notice unless you were looking for it though)....

He is only 5 and has good conformation and paces. He was only slightly lame behind on one rein when he was at his worst, but also got muscles spasms and a sore back from compensating for this... so I can only can only lunge and him walk in hand until that is fully sorted....

I guess it differs from case to case, but does anyone else have any experience of this - did your horse ever recover a straight action?

I have heard remedial shoing may help, but he is not happy about having shoes put on the backs as yet... getting better day by day though with leg exercises etc....

The physio and chiro have been very helpful, but its always useful to hear other peoples experiences!

21-05-07, 01:11 PM
I can only tell you about a girl on my yard who had the same problem with her youngster.

Essentially - 6 months off in total. Absolutely no work at all. Just rest, rest, rest. The horse is remedially shod behind, and has regular treatment from an physio.

We are no longer at the same yard - but as far as I am aware, since the original problem manifested itself she has had no reacurring problems. She has taken things very, very carefully though and he has received the best treatment.

Good luck your with chap. I think that time is the key with these issues.

21-05-07, 02:03 PM
It took over a year for my old horse to be diagnosed. He wasn't right behind and not picking up over fences. By the end he would often collapse behind whilst ridden. Vets recommended 6 months box rest with walking out in hand after 3 months. This horse was a psycho on box rest he would canter in his stable, try and jump out and if tied up on the yard often broke free and jumped out. He ended up going to an Equine sports therapist who said he needed to work and be treated. She had him for 2 weeks, kungeing, horse walker, massage, laser therapy etc and we never really looked back. The horse was previously written off for jumping again and we ended up going out and jumping up to 1.10. He is now in a new home that love him and takes him Xc, hunting, team SJ etc

21-05-07, 05:49 PM
My horse had a SI strain some yrs back. At the time I was told to rest him (box rest for 9 months). Because of the personality he is I decided to turn him away. Tried a small area but he was getting frustrated and fence walking so he went out in a large paddock in the end. I did not ride him or exercise him at all during that period. Then I started very slowly with 10-15 mins walking on long lunge line - straight lines. Gradually over another 6-12 months built up his workload.
I did not use remedial shoeing, tried to make sure his back was not allowed to get cold/stiff, and used a magnetic rug. Used cortaflex type supplement.
Also he had physio and this proved fantastic - Using manual work, lasers, magnets and ultrasound. He has had no reocurrence of ths problem, moves straight and no signs of muscle deterioration on either side now.
As long as you take it carefully, get a good phsyio and have lots of patience you should be OK. Good luck http://www.horseandhound.co.uk/forums/images/graemlins/smile.gif