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19-04-07, 02:10 PM
I have recently bought a 10yr old thoroughbred x. I went to see him around 5 weeks ago and he was perfect. Such a gent with a fabulous temperament. Great paces in the school and a nice powerful jump. I put a deposit down on him and continued to get him vetted. This all took place at a dealers yard in Wales. He passed the vetting and i went and picked him up the following Saturday (4 weeks ago). As soon as he arrived he was obviously excited etc. I saddled up the next day to which he decided he wasn't going anywhere. I managed to get him out for a short ride. The next day we had some problems catching him and then threw two shoes. They weren’t in the best condition. The farrier couldn’t come out till the following Monday which sent things over my warranty time. For the next couple of weeks I tried taking him out under different circumstances. Always napping at the yard. Anyway, saddled him up Friday last and he was shaking like a leaf. Obviously napping due to pain. Managed to get him out but he was feeling very unlevel. Popped him into a trot, which he didn’t like so got off him and walked him back to the yard. Untacked him and trotted him up. I noticed he was lame on his left hind. Got the vet out yesterday and flexion tests and nerve blocks later, ARTHRITIS. But I had him vetted? I had a lady round last night that practices the equine touch and she was able to say that because of his muscle tension and confirmation that it had been going on for years. “He’s in a right pickle”. He has obviously been in so much pain. Now, my question is why, how? I have my suspicions that he has been buted or something. Does anyone know how to help? I don’t want to get rid of him or send him back as he is my boy. I just want to know if there is any path I can follow to get some kind of compensation or just to stop them from doing it again.

19-04-07, 02:19 PM
First off I'd get the bloods tested to see if he was buted.

19-04-07, 02:22 PM
Whereabouts from Wales did you buy him??

19-04-07, 02:24 PM
Is it a newish passport? That is how a lot of the Welsh dealers work.
Where abouts in Wales was the yard(dont post the name, I dont know real names anyways)?

19-04-07, 02:29 PM
Also, who was the equine touch therapist you had?

19-04-07, 02:35 PM
Get the bloods you had taken at the vetting tested - they don't test them unless you ask - this is something i didnt realise until a year ago!

19-04-07, 04:40 PM
I got him from a dealer near Newport just over the bridge (from my direction). Don't really want to mention names at this stage.
Have been on to the vet this morning about the bloods.

The Equine touch lady i used is called Rosemary Brown, she's in Somerset. Very impressed.

Grumpy Herbert
19-04-07, 05:14 PM
Agree with getting bloods tested ASAP. I think I would also get in touch with the vet who did the vetting and let them know what's happened (presume you'll have to do this to get the blood tested anyway?), and pass on the details of your vet so they can consult with them. How did you get the details of the vet who carried out the vetting? I feel for you, it's a horrible position to be in.

19-04-07, 05:24 PM
I know exactly which dealer you mean - wen***** L******** a man called R - sorry to say but I can guarantee almost 100% that you have been scammed. I only know 2 very experienced people who have bought something from him that have not been caught. Did your vet definitely take bloods? just question because vets only take bloods if you specifically request it, and I also seem to remember that they need to be tested very quickly as some drugs dont' show up,

19-04-07, 07:46 PM
I can't beleive it, thats him! Im going for it watch out R*****! http://www.horseandhound.co.uk/forums/images/graemlins/mad.gif

19-04-07, 08:06 PM
Sorry to hear this but I'm afraid it doesn't surprise me at all http://www.horseandhound.co.uk/forums/images/graemlins/frown.gif

19-04-07, 08:28 PM
I am so sorry he got you. several people I know well have been caught by him. 5 year old ride and drive sold to novices - who turn out to be only 2 years old. I have come across so many of these. I used to have a shop in his area and was frequently asked to fit saddles to them. So lucky that no one I know has been seriously injured. But loads have lost out financially, once you have the horse you fall in love withit, want to do everything you can for it - and he plays on that. I have a friend who makes a fortune from that dealer - in that everyon in that area ends up taking their dodgy dangerous horses to my friend to reschool them.

20-04-07, 08:08 AM
Right then, several years ago I knew a woman who bought a horse for her daughter. The horse was vetted by a vet recommended by the seller (foolish I know) mainly because he didnt know the area and didnt know any vets.

Horse passed she purchased the horse. Behavioural problems began immediately and they noticed it looked unlevel - she called out her regular equine vet. He diagnosed ringbone (the bad type) and said horse would be in considerably pain when ridden and there was nothing he could do.

He said the vetting should have picked it up because the problem was so obvious and he agreed to write a statement for her to this effet. She contacted a solicitor and sued the vet that did the vetting for the full cost of the horse and she won!

I appreciate that vets are unable to pick up every little problem and should not be sued willy nilly but you may have a case because the problem is so significant. It may be worth speaking to your regular vet for advice.

What happened to the horse? The vet that did the vetting wanted it but she challenged that too and kept the horse, howerver it was only 6 years old and she didnt have the heart to put it down. Someone she knew vaguely offered to give her a home and use her as a brood mare because was quite good quality. So off she went and had a foal.

Sadly the story doesnt end there because the my friend contacted the woman who had the horse to see how she was doing and it turned out that both mare and foal went to the sales. You just wonder if she ended up in another ridden home! http://www.horseandhound.co.uk/forums/images/graemlins/frown.gif

20-04-07, 11:39 AM
That sounds exactly the same. I did have to go with another vet and i felt uncomfortable with it from the start. I think the dealer in question is very well known and probably has gremlins everywhere.

The money is no issue. He's in a loving home now and i will do everything i can for him. I just want justice!

20-04-07, 06:11 PM
I know of a person who put a deposit down on a horse at this yard and when he called to tell them that his vet would be coming to vet the horse the dealer refused to sell him the horse, said he was wasting his time as he had already arranged his own vet to do the vetting!!!!...says it all really.

24-04-07, 10:23 PM
With the help of your own vet, query the first vets performance