View Full Version : Moon/Banana girth needed to replace Torsion one

06-02-12, 03:37 PM
Can anyone recommend a moon/banana shaped girth to replace my leather Torsion one??

I LOVE my Torsion one, it's soft, supple and stops my saddle moving around on my table-top cob:o, but it's now too big and they are just sooo expensive, so wondered if anyone knows of cheaper (and more readily available one:rolleyes:) that might just do the trick.

Thanks x :)

07-02-12, 01:35 PM

07-02-12, 01:52 PM
Not sure if you were looking for a dressage girth or a long girth? I use this one on the recommendation of my saddle fitter - my horse has a very forward girth groove and straight girths tend to drag the saddle forward. It's not as nice as the leather Torsion one, but is easy to keep clean, and the horse likes it.


07-02-12, 03:35 PM
Ooops :o yes it is a dressage one I need.

That one doesn't look too bad, and soooo much cheaper than the Torsions. Am thinking I can probably sell my Torsion on Ebay for quite a bit, although might need to keep it incase beastie gets fat again!:D

07-02-12, 09:43 PM
The one drawback is that it isn't breathable, so horse gets more sweaty under it than leather or the Wintec elastic we used to use.

But it does the trick, and hasn't caused any rubs or discomfort - it's soft and cleans up quickly with a nail brush, some warm water and baby shampoo.

I would love a nice leather one, but I think I'll be paying off my saddle for the next decade, so it will have to wait :)