View Full Version : Late growth spurts!

30-01-12, 06:39 PM
I bought my lovely boy at the beginning of August , aged 6, and coming in at a lovely 16.1/2h. Today, we realised he has suddenly shot up to almost 17h, despite now being 7. I always thought he would have stopped growing up at about 5/6, and just filled out in other places after that, I definitely did not expect to end up on top of a 17h dinosaur, being only 5ft3 myself! Was I just being stupidly naive, or has he just been a late grower? For the record hes a gentle giant so not an issue just took me by suprise a bit when I put on a rug and it didnt fit in the slightest!

30-01-12, 07:01 PM
My KWPN did not seem to stop growing until he was 8......He is now nearly 9 so I hope he has stopped! He was 16.2 when I bought him as a four year old and I stopped measuring when he went past the 17h mark......I would rather not know:)

I know someone who had a ShireXTB who had a growth spurt between 7 and 8.

On the plus side,big horses are easier to stay on because they do bad things more slowly than ponies and if you do go flying the ground is further away,giving you time to prepare for the thud.:D

30-01-12, 07:32 PM
most dont stop growing/maturing until 7 or 8!! depends on his actual birth date as well. he may technically be 7 now but could have been a late foal. but as he is big slow development/growth is better than shooting up at 2/3. better for the joints. keep him mannered!!