View Full Version : appaloosa stallion Lambrigg Fargo

23-01-12, 01:12 PM
Hi folks- has anybody heard/used/owns horses by this stallion?

my rising 3 filly is by him and know very little about him. she is a superb little mare & just being nosey as to what he looks like etc.

i aware aware of his breeding & the stud he was bred at, but very little else.

Much Thanks!!

23-01-12, 01:26 PM
If you know the stud he is owned by, I would get in touch with them. We met the breeders of my mare at the Northern Appaloosa show a couple of years back and they were more than happy to talk about the mare and stallion :) They also sent me some 'baby' pictures of my mare, which they must have kept for 12 years! I find that getting people to talk about their Appies is not a problem, getting them not to sometimes is :D