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29-11-11, 08:13 PM
Has anyone else got a horse that hates the vet?

My vet came today to sedate him so she could do his teeth.
He went balistic, reared up and kicked out with his front legs.

How do you deal with your horse that hates the vet.
I ended up getting the YO's husband who is a big strapping bloke to hold him - while she tried again and the monkey stood, almost, perfectly still.

Have spoken to his old owners, who laughed and proceeded to tell me he has always been like that. Nice of them to tell me now!

29-11-11, 08:18 PM
welcome to the club..

mine once went mentthe because he could smell the vet was in the stable block :rolleyes:

we tend to take him out of his box so he feels less threatened and there's room to move out of the way if he decides to go up.

the vet now knows to get the needle in as quickly as possible and to introduce himself to Kerry before he does anything

29-11-11, 08:19 PM
Not egsactly the same but Herbie hates men. Luckly I've managed to find a female farrier, equine dentist and my Vet practice has female vets :) Otherwise they wouldn't get anywere near him.

Echo Bravo
29-11-11, 08:22 PM
My foal has only seen the vet twice, 1) to microchip and made a balls of it 2) last Friday same vet, he saw her coming and dashed to the other end of his paddock.:D:D:D And she's coming back in Feb to geld him:eek::eek::eek: Lets face the vets never come to do anything nice to them do they:D:D:D

29-11-11, 08:25 PM
My old horse hated the vet he once dragged 2 vets across the yard whilst under sedation! He didn't rear or anything just used to barge through them or squash them against the wall. He did get better over time and when he was vetted when I sold him he was really well behaved :-)

29-11-11, 08:28 PM
At work we have a horse who is terrified, and a very nice vet who has spent ages trying to touch him. We load him in the lorry now, before the vet gets there, hes held in by the partitions then for his boosters. Don't know what we would do for anything more intrusive?

29-11-11, 08:37 PM
I have to say that none of our horses have ever been scared of the vet so I would love to know what on earth these poor horses have experienced to react that way?! Our regular vet though is very calm but firm and very confident around horses. I think this helps the horse to be at ease. I find some vets can be rather nervous round horses and I think this may be where the problem comes from.

29-11-11, 08:41 PM
my ex racer actually screamed when the vet gave him his jab! what a wuss! hes go the dentist next week -im looking forward to that-not!!

29-11-11, 08:49 PM
ladyt25 - we know that jerry was mistreated before we got him. he was extremely headshy and very jumpy when he couldnt see what people were doing around him.

I don't blame him for he way he reacts - its a natural response for him.
he's much better now - he will stand for his jabs.
it's a shame they don't understand that it's for the best

Echo Bravo
29-11-11, 08:57 PM
Basically the vet jabbed him several times in the neck trying to microchip him, he was feral when I bought him and he had come along leaps and bounds till then, she wouldn't listen to me, when I tried telling her about him and he's even more scared of strangers now.:(:(:(

29-11-11, 08:57 PM
Luckily my cob loves his vet - he lets him do anything - but then my OH is his vet!

29-11-11, 09:12 PM
As far as "Flame" was concerned,vet in plain clothes...okay.
Vet in white overalls....Gone With The Wind!