View Full Version : Has Drontal ever made your dog hyper?

10-10-11, 07:46 AM
We gave our two their wormers in their tea last night, same wormer, same routine as we always have when they have it. Everything seemed ok til we went to bed, when one of them woke me after about an hour. Thinking perhaps itíd upset his stomach a bit & he needed to go out I went downstairs to find him in the middle of the kitchen with his ball, wanting to play! Put him in the garden (he didnít do anything but bounce at me) then took the ball off him & went back to bed.

One hour later Ė same thing again, which carried on nearly every hour through the night. When I got up at 6 oíclock I can only describe him as off on one - heís usually awake in the morning but today he was definitely more awake than usual.

Iíve phoned the vet whoís assured me that wormers canít do that but thatís the only thing thatís changed & usually settles at night, has anybody else ever seen anything similar? He's a bit heavier now so he's had half a tablet more than he used to but that's the only thing different to the last time I wormed him.