View Full Version : Update - 11month old with sensative stomach

06-05-11, 04:56 PM
first of all - thank you for everyone who replied on my other threads re my border collie x lab pup (well, 11 month old!) who basically had very loose poops and despite trying various foods/types/brands, not much helped.

Well.... i dont want to jinx her but......

it's been 8 days now.... and she has been having solid poops :-))

What is she now on, well..... walking her one sunday morning a lady i was talking to suggested Dr Johns Gold... something that apparently the rescue dogs she helps with have... they find it fab for all the ones that they have gone on it. So i was a little dubious but went to the pet shop she said sold it to ask what they thought about it.
The pet shop owner didnt think it was suitable for her at all. And after a long conversation about what we have and havent tried etc. she suggested a feed made locally, Helmes Working Dog Rings - they are gluten free etc. I bought a small bag to try and well, i went back yesterday to buy a larger sack! :-))
I also had spoken to the vets again and they suggested worming her again as the 1st test - i bought the wormer from them but she hasnt had it yet as i didnt want to give her that whilst doing the gradual transition between feeds. But the fact its settled down just based upon the food, to me at the moment says its that.

Lola isnt 100% keen on the rings, she eats the majority, then picks at the rest but its working for her and the lady at the pet shop said that i can try and introduce a few 'treats' in about a months time etc and that she will still settle down and begin to enjoy them. Interstingly - the pet shop owner said to avoid giving her bones but she has always enjoyed those - and they never seemed to trigger loose poops so i am going to continue giving her them.

I think it's really helped with hubby also as he really didnt want us to keep her due to the mess she was making everywhere (he claimed that he was a dog lover when we met, but since owning a dog - i have found that he really isnt the dog type!!!). Also - to add, she hasnt had a single accident (wee or poop) since the food changed to Gluten free.

Anyway - i just wanted to share :)