View Full Version : Mare post weaning?

27-02-11, 08:14 AM
Any tips on the management post weaning of the mare would be helpfully from you folks. On Tuesday I am doing the final stage of weaning and I,m probably more worrid about my mare than the foal. Mare will go away to come back in to work, at the moment she is just a little bit foot sore after having an absess but hopefully having shoes on will sort this out.
She will probably not be turned out but will have use of a horse walker and hopefully if sound will start work in the school and tips on feeding the first few days?
If she is not sound when seen by the blacksmith on the wednesday she will of course see the vet.
On the foal side I hope that after staying in the night she will settle outside with her little pony friend. They will still come in everynight for a while.
sorry about the lenght of post.