View Full Version : An update on my little oldie

12-11-10, 08:04 PM
First of all thanks once again for all your replies it really helped. I spoke to one of our vets regarding her as I wanted to pursue every option for her, she advised to change her anti-inflamm (she is now on onsior), start her on vivitonin and also put her on Zantac as she does occasionally have a very gurgly tum and vomits bile. I also with hindsight think this not eating episode relates to the stress of fireworks over the weekend.

Well anyway she is now eating, actual dog food wise it's still not great but treat/human food wise is much better and what the hell as long as she's eating!

The onsior is helping massively - she is now walking at the side or even in front instead of dragging behind :D

I know she's old but at least hopefully we've got over this little blip xx