View Full Version : Anyone have experience of these "back people" in Scotland?

09-09-10, 08:07 AM
I'm going to get someone out at the end of the month to give Casper a quick check over before winter.

I've used Liz Jones before so she's an option but also found Shirley Kenyon and Lisa Cleeton.

Anyone have experiences of any of these and idea's who might be best? Casper doesn't seem to have any major issues so not sure what type of therapist is best!

Suggestions welcome! :)

09-09-10, 10:11 AM
Suggest Fiona McLellan - qualified vet who has trained as equine chiropractor. Excellent as you get both viewpoints.

09-09-10, 10:41 AM
I use Lisa regularly and would highly recommend her. She does McTimoney Chorley and is currently taking her vet physio exams so she can expand.

09-09-10, 10:46 AM
i swear by liz as you know :D

alister archibald also has a good rep - i initially went with liz as she already came to the yard i was on livery at - and was happy with her so stuck with her :)

09-09-10, 10:49 AM
I use Lisa Cleeton, excellent service. I would highly recommend her, and sevral of my friends use her to.

09-09-10, 12:33 PM
Thanks all - I have booked an appointment with Lisa for the end of the month.

I like that fact that it's both a shiatsu and mctimoney corley treatment!

14-12-10, 11:21 AM
I would thoroughly recommed Fiona MacLellan from the undernoted -


Fiona is absolutely fantastic and having had several of those mentioned above and more all meant to be fab (yeah right :D) prior to contacting Fiona I would say without a doubt that in MY opinion she outshines them all in every aspect of her work. She is an actual vet too which is excellent. She is not in any rush to treat a horse and then head off leaving you not really any further forward or knowing when she can come back as I have had with more than one of the above.....lol. She takes her time, involves the owner and explains everything very clearly.

Fiona always kept in touch with me in between visits and was only a call, text or e mail away if I felt I had run into any problems. She is also not like some others who will fit you in weeks down the line. From the experience we have had with her she has always managed to fit us in really quickly and is really accomodating with her appointments which is always good too.

I have to say that from having a horse that was not able to be ridden and having had him assessed fully at our local equine lameness centre and by our own vet prior to that it was actually Fiona's treatment of him and advice that resulted in myself and my horse being able to get out and about again. So I guess from our own personal experience that speaks for itself as we were 100% happy with the services provided by Fiona. Good luck with whoever you choose to use xx