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01-06-10, 01:14 PM
My mare has just been through treatment for sarcoids and has some slight proud flesh on her chest in between her legs where the wound has healed. It is only a tiny area. Does anyone know if there is any cream etc that I can put on it to help reduce it?

01-06-10, 01:32 PM
Use a mix of fucidene and copper sulphate crystals-this gets rid of proud flesh.

01-06-10, 05:49 PM
I've used copper sulphate with good success. This was for proud flesh on a hock joint. Only downside is that you can only get this through your vet at a cost!

01-06-10, 06:12 PM
I've used a product called 'Equaide' for both a laceration below the hock and on proud flesh with great results. Very good product, not sure who supplies it over your side of the water
Their website is here:
Best of luck:)

01-06-10, 06:17 PM
Thanks for the advice. I have tried to contact the vet without success. I will keep trying I think and see how much the copper sulphate is. The wound is in a really annoying place as well as every time I ride or exercise her the small thin scab that has formed keeps cracking slightly. It just seems to be taking forever to heal :-(

01-06-10, 06:41 PM
demobion and copper sulphate works well (if you still have any demobion around) sugar works well too, as does manuka honey (need the 10+) though be careful if on the site of a pre treated sarcoid! might still have sarcoid cells present. i would get your vet to check it out, might need debridding (and excess sent for testing for sarcoid cells). good luck!

01-06-10, 08:52 PM
I've used copper sulphate too with great success (with vet approval ), you can buy the crystals off ebay! It is very cheap :)

02-06-10, 02:15 PM
Silver nitrate pencil or silver nitrate dressings if you can dress the area.

02-06-10, 08:20 PM
Copper Sulphate can be bought from local chemist. Or maybe ask your vet to trim the proud flesh off. quick and easy.

02-06-10, 09:45 PM
I have the same situation with a horse treated with Liverpool Cream - the nasty scabby, dead sarcoid has come off today. I have been washing with salty water (on vet's advice). Underneath is something which could be proud flesh but I feel, sadly, that it may well be more cells developing into more 'nasties'. Vet coming out next week so will take advice before I put anything else on it.

I would say the same to you - take advice from vet before putting anything on it. I have read so much about horses and sarcoids (on here there are loads of threads, sadly) and I think it wise not to put anything on it as it may make it worse.

My horse has the sarcoid on the chest also - awkward place to get at and whilst dealing with it you are within range of the teeth!!! Good luck.

03-06-10, 09:19 AM
Best thing I've found for proud flesh is honey. Preferrably manuka honey as that has antibiotic properties but any will do. Much cheaper than any other chemicals and creams and does just as good a job. Also reduces scarring. Not sure about applying to sarcoid site though if there are still cells waiting to duplicate.

03-06-10, 06:33 PM
Thanks for all the replies. I am waiting for vet to come back to me as he has been on holiday for two weeks.

I am hoping that the chest sarcoid won't come back any time soon as a huge amount of flesh just dropped off (you could fit your whole fist in the hole). Will speak to my vet before doing anything I think. It has improved slightly since posting the thread.

She has several sarcoids on her inner thighs (both sides) and groin area on one side. Unfortunately the cream doesnt seemed to have done much to the ones in the groin as there seems to be more growing there now. I am still waiting for the scabs to come off. They are very thick and sharp and don't seem to be shifting any time soon :-(

Will access the situation when they have all come off as Proff Knottenbelt has suggested some other creams like effudix, Imiquimod or xterra.

A lot of people have suggested camerosa and I have spoken to the lady at Camerosa at length but have come to the conclusion that if it really did work then even the vets would be using it.

It's getting very depressing now as she has already have Liverpool cream a few years ago and they are still coming back. I tried everything and feel so sorry for her having to put her through all this treatment. I just wish Glasgow University could get funding for this potential cure.

04-06-10, 11:11 AM
I have always used granulated sugar on proud flesh it works a treat at getting the tissue to granulate. was told this first by a gypsy when i was little and my vet confirmed it's use, only thing is it can be difficult to use on areas you can't bandage.