View Full Version : odd lamenss

27-02-10, 04:01 PM
Just to see if anyone has any ideas or similer problem. will give abridged version but can give more detail if wanted.
Said horse had tendon (RH) problem last year was recoperating well then went slightly lame same leg just before xmas tendon all fine vet felt could be hock problem as positive to flex (managed half a block bfore horse protested) not much change x rayed hock any way all clear went for foot xarys (as some collapse had started on outside wall. Had lateral extentions put on just before vet visit for this). these showed negative pedeal bone on lame leg. So then re shod with a raised pad on that leg flatpad on other and still lateral extentions. 1st shoeing was ok was a bit stompy but after 2nd shoeing with in 2wks developed a stinghalt like action (but not stringhalt). vet quite confused as is farrier as neather had seen this response before. Farrier has now put her in a pair of race plates to see if she stops as they are so light should not compramise action. And with in 72hrs stoped almost completely (was nearly doing it constantly b4). So any ideas on why this has happened?? not sure yet where we will go next as slight lameness without remdial shoes on but cant walk with them on? going to talk to vet next week but just wanted other peoples veiws