View Full Version : GastroGuard & Coligone?

10-02-10, 08:51 PM
Does anyone know if I can still use Coligone Liquid if my horse is on GastroGuard? Will it cause problems or stop the GG working properly?

Vet & I think his ulcers are playing up again & I'm thinking of keeping him on a low dose of GG as a long-term measure, short-term he's back on a proper dose. However if he comes in with a gurgly, gassy tum the Colgone Liquid seems to get rid of it quickly & makes him a lot more comfortable. I use Coligon as needed & it would be very useful if I can carry on doing this.

Anyone? If no-one knows I'll call H's Mum tomorrow but I don't want to bother her at the moment if I can help it.

10-02-10, 11:15 PM
No idea hun. You can use Coligone at a maintenance dosage so maybe it would be better as a long term thing? I'd PM H's_mum and ask her x

11-02-10, 08:24 PM
Thank you Kate!

He was colicky again one morning last week which is why he's back on the GastroGuard, & a couple of times this week he's come in with a noisy tum - I slung Coligone down him those afternoons but did wonder if it was ok to use the two together. I'm very glad to hear it is http://www.horseandhound.co.uk/forums/images/graemlins/smile.gif.

I so hope this stupid weather sorts itself out soon.