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02-10-09, 08:06 PM
My mare has grown again and my Wintec Pro is not fitting well even with changing the gullets.

I spoke to my normal saddle fitter who is very good but only really deals in new leather saddles and he suggested that I speak to another from a large shop up the road that hold secondhand saddles.

I explained that I wanted a leather saddle or my Wintec looked at. I also said if he did not have any leather saddles I would get some for him to fit. I got 3 saddles from saddles direct if needing altering expected to pay the going rate.

When I rang up to check what he was going to bring out all he had written next to my name was synthetic!

So I would pay a 30 call out charge for nothing as he did not have anything to bring. I also asked him to bring some of the new thorogood leather saddles but no, that was not there either.

Anyhow I checked that they had exactly what I wanted him to bring then 10 minutes later a girl to called me to say that the saddles I had got from saddles direct was going to cost me an additional 25 per saddle to check as it was not a saddle fitting but a saddle check! thats without riding in them!

So before he had actually put a saddle on my horses back regardless of whether it fits or not I am paying 125 plus 40 for delivery of the saddles from saddles direct so if none of them fit I am 165 out of pocket!

What was worse he got a young girl to call me back who I just didn't have the heart to give a hard time its not her fault.

Am I being unreasonable in telling them where to go or is that the going rate these days for a 2nd hand saddle. If he had one that would fit my horse then I would happily buy it off him I do not want another Wintec as I have 2 already! I really wanted to name and shame but I wont.

Such a mess I am so fed up. If I am wrong I am willing to try to understand why it cost sooooo much! I cannot justify buying a new saddle for a 4 yr old wb. Comments good and bad appreciated I am just trying to understand.

02-10-09, 08:09 PM
well, when my saddle fitter (excellent, master saddler, very painstaking, takes a few hours to check back and saddles, watches me ride in them, etc) checked my saddles on my young horses, he didn't charge anything like that, iirc it was 40 per horse plus a bit for travel. he knew i wasn't ready to buy a new one or two for them from him yet either.

02-10-09, 08:15 PM
That to me sounds reasonable I don't expect to get something for nothing but expect a service and someone to listen to what I want not what they want to sell because of their margins.

02-10-09, 08:29 PM
My saddler would come out to check existing saddles and not charge anything like that. I'm sure he would also 'fit' saddles he hadn't supplied himself (if he hadn't anything himself in stock to fit my horse - if he had it might be a different story possibly).


02-10-09, 08:33 PM
a good saddle fitter is vitally important. why don't you start a new post asking for recommendations in your area? i'm South Lincs, would high recommend my local saddler, he's fantastic.

26-10-09, 07:43 PM

I think this is why so many people go treeless or get wintecs! I got a master saddle fitter out, she charged me 40 ish for a consultation. Recommended a saddle but as she did not carry stock I would have to order and pay in full for a saddle that was expected to fit my pony but I would have to pay for before I could see if it fitted me!

I ended up getting a saddle of a local shop which I am not 100% happy with but it will do for now.

The thing that gets me is that I am in a service business and am expected to get to meetings on time, quote for my time and provide accurate supplies (advice in my case not goods) why on earth does everyone involved with horses expect we should be happy with sub standard service when they deign to previde it?