View Full Version : Where to find hunter trials?

12-09-09, 09:08 PM
Am venturing in here for some advice. I have emailed a couple of local hunts via the MFH website - is there anywhere else to look?

Basically I need to get my dog used to the idea that horses can do more than stand about in fields, and that he doesn't need to cheer them on! Am hoping that with hunter trials there will be enough room for us to stand well back and work on this - I've never been to a hunter trial but have been to a couple of team chases and this seemed to be the case. Hopefully we can get this sorted in time for Badminton next year!

12-09-09, 09:16 PM
local papers
local feed stores usually have schedules
H&H fixtures issues have the details of show secretaries
find some XC courses which are often the venues for several organisers so you could maybe ask them

hunter trials are not always organised by hunts -sometimes by Pony Clubs, sometimes by the venues themselves

12-09-09, 09:18 PM
Thank you

13-09-09, 01:45 PM
horsedates is also a good one

13-09-09, 07:26 PM
Pony club website, loads of hunter trials will begin to appear on there soon.