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12-02-09, 05:12 PM
I recently read a post about premier flex plus and thought this might be good for my mare. looked on the internet about it and thought it looked better than what I had, so ordered.
However on the leaflet that came it said it should only be feed to horses needing mild pain relief which my mare doesnt. Tried to phone to see if I can feed her it or exchange for just Premier flex.
My question is in a long winded manor, has anyone else used this on a horse who wasnt in any pain but just because an owner wanted to protect her joints. It has devils claw which I now understand to be a herbal sort of bute idea. Would this harm her?
Cheers for reading.

12-02-09, 05:27 PM
So you are wanting to feed a product to your horse that you hope will protect her against joint problems ? To be honest I wouldn't waste money. Don't let your horse get too fat, keep her well shod and don't abuse her on either hard ground, or deep surfaces and you have every chance she will have a good long working life.

Horses are expensive enough to keep without buying supplements "just in case".

12-02-09, 06:35 PM
Some human Joint supplements have been shown to have a protective effect on the joints, so nothing wrong with giving one to your horse if you can afford it. Devils claw can irritate the stomach if fed on a long term basis but wont do any other sort of harm. It will be fine to feed the tub youve got then switch to the other one without DC next time you order.

12-02-09, 07:38 PM
Cheers for advice I had her on a joint supplement as she has a slightly enlarged hock joint never caused any problems (touch wood) and her life before I got her was show jumping so wanted to support her joints as much as possible. It would be cheaper not to use any but i would rather take precautions than wait till she has a problem.

12-02-09, 10:55 PM
I recommend Suppleaze Gold. It has all the key ingredients at a bargain price, and I can vouch for it as it has made a big difference to my arthritic mare, and has made my other horse less clicky.


13-02-09, 01:11 PM
I SWEAR i don't have shares in this company but I recommend Equine America's 10,000mg Glucosamine and MSM, rrp 14.99. Very good, very cheap and very effective.

15-02-09, 10:23 AM
Take a look on Heathspan's Vetvits - here is the site www.vetvits.co.uk. (http://www.vetvits.co.uk.) They do glucosamine, chondroitin for horses. Very good product at a very reasonable price.

15-02-09, 10:33 AM
sorry, but that www for Vetvits dosn't appear to work anymore .... try this one


Go to pet heath section, and its called Equiflex - 496g for 17.95

15-02-09, 01:48 PM
i use NAF superflex as a maintenance supplement and the golden oldies go on cortaflex with bute if needed