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02-11-08, 09:10 PM
Hi all. I promised that i'd post an update after Rhumba's trip to the vets. If anyone missed my last post here it is.


And the verdict is...... Navicular http://www.horseandhound.co.uk/forums/images/graemlins/frown.gif

The vet is extremely positive and said that she has about a 60% chance of returning to full work. She has to have an ultrasound next weekend to check whether theres any tendon damage because she has a swelling up the back of left fore but the vet said he's hopeful so fingers crossed.

Vet said her hooves are very unbalanced so he's confident that we can make a huge difference to her using heartbars and wedges. She's also having Tildrem and Cartrafen (sorry, unsure of spelling)

I'm so glad that i know what it is now and that we have a plan of action. Just praying that nothing shows up on the ultrasound. I'm not to upset because i knew that something was seriously wrong with her so i was well prepared for bad news.

02-11-08, 09:19 PM
Sorry to hear that, but don't forget our previous correspondence, and the evidence for a barefoot programme bringing horses with navicular back to soundness.

My horse is one of the statistics, saved from navicular by going barefoot under the management of a KC LaPierre qualified DAEP.

Hoof balance is paramount with this method, as is returning the natural structure of the hoof. I would have much more confidence in saving a horse from navicular by a carefully managed barefoot programme than by heartbars and wedges that may mask the problem for a while but can't reverse it.

02-11-08, 10:10 PM
Can I be cheeky and ask the price of tildren and cartrafen.My vets coming out next tuesday and my horse has had spavin op but is now lame on front leg , yet again .We will do nerve blocks to see if its in the hoof hes had xrays of legs and been scanned this this might be my last resort.I cant really afford anymore treatment as hes cost thousands over the last couple of years but I want to explore every last possibility before retiring.He is a big chestnut tb only 7 and like yours has had hoof problems in the past typical tb feet.
If I had gone for tildren with his spavin it might have cured hoof problems if they are cause of discomfort .Im just looking for any options before we go for lou which is my last resort.
I hope things work out for your horse have a soft spot for handsome gingers lol

02-11-08, 10:37 PM
We're going through the insurance but i'm pretty sure he said it's 500 for Tildren but she's going to be having it twice so it will be 1000. Not sure about the Cartrafen but think he might have said 400. Nerve blocks confirmed the pain was in her hooves and x-rays showed changes to the navicular bone possibly cause by her unbalanced feet. Wish i'd have know she had unbalaced feet because i could have sorted that out before the navicular set in. You never know, you may have caught it at the unbalanced stage and be able to sort it out easily.

PM me anytime and i'd love to hear how you get on. Goodluck x

03-11-08, 12:57 PM
As in pm I'm hoping everything works out ok for her.

I think Tildren is about 500 a go. Mine has just had cartrophen and it was about 50 a dose, however I injected myself so kept the cost down on call outs.