View Full Version : How many arnica pills for bashed leg?

06-08-08, 09:59 AM
As per my post below horse has bashed his leg and its quite filled. How many arnica tablets do you give a horse?!!

06-08-08, 11:47 AM
We generally give them 6 - not quite sure how we arrived at that figure though, although dad was quite into homeopathy at the time.

06-08-08, 11:49 AM
Is that human arnica or horse arnica? Only just found out once I'd bought human stuff that you can get bigger horse ones!!

06-08-08, 12:56 PM
My horse is on them at the moment .I gave him high dose for the first day then used 6 perday thereafter.I have just started him on rhus tox as well after reading that helps in your horse magazineAug issue).My horse bashed his knee and had a lot of swelling found a great gel pad made by steroplast that you can freeze and managed to strap it round his knee with tail wrap it really helped with the swelling far better than the cold hosing as water wasnt cold enough.Good luck with swelling

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07-08-08, 10:16 AM
If you are not sure what is wrong, perhaps it would be better to call the vet than making guesses about how much arnica to give?

Apologies if you already have. Anyway, from my limited understanding of homeopathy, it works by having nothing in it, so I think it should follow that the less you give, the better http://www.horseandhound.co.uk/forums/images/graemlins/wink.gif

07-08-08, 10:22 AM
Size doesn't matter (as they say!) It is the potency(strength) that makes the difference & you can give the same to a newborn baby as to a full grown bull elephant!
30c for long term use, 200c or 10M for immediate use after an injury.

I would give one tablet, wait a minute give another tablet & repeat that for 5 minutes then 1 tablet 3 times a day.
If you give 6 tablets at once it will only count as 1 tablet. You need to let there be a gap inbetween (1 minute is enough) for it to count as another one.
Rhus tox & Ruta are very good for any muscular sprains or strains as well.