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21-07-08, 08:19 AM
Just a thought..

Our mare foaled 15th April, all well sent to stud quite late as we didn't get organised, but hadn't come into season after 4 weeks at stud, so was scanned Fr 11th July and had 5 eggs in one ovary but hadn't ovulated, so was injected to bring her on, which worked and she was covered Mon Wed and Fri last week.

My query is will she be more likely to twin as we already know she had 5 eggs ready?

Not sure if they can ovulate more than one from the same ovary at one time? Or if its just one from each ovary?

Will be getting vet to do scan at 16 days but wanted to ask so we can make sure we get the vet to be extra cautious if necessary!!

21-07-08, 08:22 AM
Just seen that I had some answers on a previous post regarding this question so, thank AP!!