View Full Version : Stendinger - opinions please ?

22-04-08, 06:13 PM

What do poeple think of this stallion ??

22-04-08, 06:44 PM
I love him! I'd deffinately use him if i was looking to breed a dressage horse. I hear he really stamps his foals and adds movement. He's just gorgeous to look at isn't he? All of his foals that i've seem look to be very special too.

Are you thinking of using him this year?

22-04-08, 06:57 PM
I thought the same until I saw him in Germany this year, he is 8 years old and has only done one competition where he came last. There were lots of rumblings around about how badly behaved he could be and at one show he had reportedly been drugged to calm him down. He doesn't seem to have a good reputation over there at all and to be honest he didn't blow me away at all when we saw him under saddle.

22-04-08, 07:39 PM
Have to say I agree with Zeus on this one. When I saw him in February he was presented with 2 offspring - one was a stunner and the other was rather unconvincing. He himself showed a very poor canter initally, hocks very tied together. Walk was avergae too. he got better as the session went on, but I was left by taking him off my short list. I have been very impressed by photos and videos of his offspring I have seen but he himself disappointe don the day. He is based on a yard better known for its show jumpers but I dont think that can totally account for the fact he doesn't impress as some of his peers do under saddle.
I also liked his son Status Quo a lot, but didnt like his front limb conformation when seeing him in the flesh

22-04-08, 08:30 PM
yes was considering him for my mare who has foaled this year and had the San Remo foal ! thanks for the info good to know x

22-04-08, 09:11 PM
We have a Stedinger filly out of our Prince Thatch mare. She is gorgeous with the most amazing movement, and very elegant, but her temperament I would class as "hot" and sometimes "difficult". Whether this is all down to her or the fact we had to have one of her eyes removed as a foal I am not sure, but I would not not be in a rush to put him back onto that mare. We used Rotspon on the same mare this year and the difference in the foals temperament is completely different to the Stedinger. I still love my Stedinger filly but she will need extra handling.

But I have heard by many that the Sandro Hit line can produce slightly difficult youngsters, who then do come much better when they hit around 4 years old. I have a Sandro Hit mare who could not be easier, but does have her moments.