The H&H Training Academy brings you a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity

If you’re keen to give freestyle a try, take a look at our top tips for getting started

Warm up

Tips for competing with your horse alone

If you don’t have helpful friends or family to go with you to shows, find out how other “go it aloners” make it work

How to introduce lateral work in-hand [VIDEO] [H&H VIP]

Learn how to teach your horse to move away from your leg aid from the ground, keeping your training harmonious


Getting the best out of an ex-racehorse in the dressage arena

Getting an ex-racehorse to settle in the dressage arena can be a challenge whether you’re a dressage rider or an eventer. Trainer Natalie Allen shares some of her thoughts on how to achieve this goal

Six steps on getting the best freestyle result out of an unconventional dressage horse from the trainer of gypsy cob, Tiger Tim

Olympic dressage rider Emile Faurie shares his three favourite exercises for developing expression in a horse’s trot and canter

William Fox-Pitt riding Gaucho on the gallops

Formulating a fitness plan for your horse

Make the most of the forthcoming season by ensuring your horse is fit for its level of competition


Dan Greenwood’s tips on dealing with a spooky horse

For one reason or another, every rider has to deal with a spooky horse at some time. Dressage trainer Dan Greenwood offers his tips on getting over the problem whether in a dressage test or while training


The secret to better dressage scores

To achieve a personal best is cause for celebration, to achieve two on the same day means your getting something right. Find out how Kayliegh Tupper and her horse Twister achieved this result