With its high oil content, SPILLERS Conditioning Fibre is extremely palatable and will enhance your horse’s coat shine. That’s why SPILLERS have chosen to offer you and your horse this fabulous prize as after dining on Conditioning Fibre, your horse will be ready to shine at their very own photo shoot.


Dine on SPILLERS Conditioning Fibre to promote healthy condition & coat shine from within

  • Contains a palatable blend of soft fibres and oil formulated to help build condition without excitability.
  • Includes chopped alfalfa, which is high in quality protein and organic minerals.
  • The high level of rapeseed oil provides slow release energy and enhances coat shine from within.
  • Contains good quality protein to help support muscle tone and topline.
  • Low in starch and sugar to support digestive health and reduce the risk of excitability.

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SPILLERS Conditioning Fibre is currently £1.50 off the normal selling price in participating stores. Flashed stock only, whilst stocks last.

Competition closes on 16th February and winner will be announced on 20th February. See T&Cs below.