Clean, soft, supple and robust are all words that can be used to describe your tack once you have used these products

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Fungatrol leather soap


This easy to use spray saddle soap cleans, softens, conditions and preserves leather. Contains anti-fungal and anti-bacterial agents to reduce germs and also stops mould from building up.

RRP: 1 Ltr £15.99


Showmaster leather cleaning spray


Cleans leather quickly and easily. Dirt, sweat and grease are removed in an instant. Not suitable for untreated leather or suede.

RRP: 500 ml £5.49


Nettex Traditional tack cleaner


This traditional tack cleaner is a simple to use spray that removes dirt, sweat and grease immediately to freshen up tack in no time at all. Containing antibacterial properties to prevent cross infection from shared tack, Nettex Traditional tack cleaner weatherproofs leather without rotting the stitching, making it an all-round more practical choice for amateurs through to professional riders this season.

RRP: 200ml £4.05


Equimins leather spray soap


Easy to use spray soap that cleans and treats all smooth leather, to keep it soft and pliable. It’s ideal for use at home and also at shows and competitions.

RRP: 500ml £6.95


Cavalor leather soap


Glycerine-based liquid leather soap is perfect for intense tack cleaning, nourishing leather to increase suppleness without loss of strength. It can be easily applied with a damp sponge and rubbed into the leather with a cloth or soft brush until the leather shines.

RRP: 500ml £16


Equipe soft oil


Equipe’s leather care products are the ideal collection for keeping leather tack in top condition. The soft oil is designed for the maintenance and conditioning of saddles and accessories, containing a mixture of natural triglycerides which create a natural barrier against sweat and dampness, the main causes of leather deterioration.

RRP: 500ml £23


Equimins leather conditioning cream


A soft cream that works to soften and protect leather. Made with a number of ingredients, including glycerine and lanolin to name but two. Ideal for all smooth leather types.

RRP: 250g £4.99


Amerigo soft grease


Amerigo soft grease is a balm that protects and conditions leather, creating a natural barrier against the elements. Use regularly to maintain the leather’s softness and keep your leatherwork looking new.

RRP: £22


Absorbine leather therapy tack wash and restorer & conditioner


Leather therapy tack wash cleans dirt and helps leather stay strong and supple. It works with the restorer and conditioner to transform dry, hard leather to original flexibility and actively inhibits mould and mildew.

RRP: £16.73 for wash and £19.89 for conditioner


Lincoln Superior leather balsam


This pleasantly fragranced high quality balsam contains refined beeswax, lanolin and avocado oil to nourish the leather naturally. Protects and maintains the original suppleness so you can say goodbye to stiff leather! Comes with a free sponge.

RRP: 400g £6.50.


Cavalor leather shine


Leather shine contains a unique formula which nourishes leather, keeping it supple and leaving a nice shine without making the leather slippery. It should be applied when the tack is new, and used regularly to maintain shine. Apply to cleaned leather with a damp cloth or a sponge, then shine by polishing with a woollen cloth or soft brush.

RRP: 500ml £19

Veredus Curium oil


Veredus uses natural substances as active cleaning and softening agents. Curium oil is a leather oil for nourishing and softening tack, containing both cleaning and conditioning elements that penetrate the leather to make it soft and waterproof. The wax forms a protective skin against corrosive agents, with avocado oil and beeswax feeding the leather and keeping it smooth and durable.

RRP: 500ml £13


Effol leather balm


Effax leather balm contains lanolin, avocado oil and beeswax, which are ideal ingredients for the care and maintenance of leather. It has remarkable nutritive and protecting properties, keeps the leather supple and gives it a high tear resistance.

RRP: £4.50


Ko-Cho-Line leather dressing


Ko-Cho-Line Leather Dressing is a traditional thick grease to renovate, soften and revive saddlery and leather items whilst preserving and waterproofing. This leather dressing is an ideal preparation to apply prior to storage as it protects leather from mildew and mould. Ko-Cho-Line will not rot stitching and can be used on metal to prevent rusting.

RRP: 225g £6.48