Get rid of the excess hair in those tricky places with one of these lightweight, silent and user friendly trimmers

Showmaster Clipper


These cordless clipper come with a with a rechargeable battery but can still connected to mains for a longer clipping time. They are very handy and user friendly. The clipping length is adjustable from 1 to 3 mm. Ideal for clipping individual areas of the body and problem zones such as legs and ears. They come with spare blades, a long lifetime, CE tested and a plug adapter.

RRP: £39.90


Crest Trimmer


Mains powered trimmer that’s ideal for tidying up, but could clip a whole horse if he’s nervous. Low noise, low vibration and supplied with two different blades.

RRP: £86


Wahl Pocket Pro Trimmer


A battery operated trimmer that is light, small and quiet. A close trimming blade that can be easily concealed in the hand for nervous animals. Ideal for trimming face, ears and paws. Kit includes: 2 attachment combs, clipper oil, cleaning brush, 1AA battery, blade guard and instruction booklet

RRP: £11.99


Wolseley Skylark Trimmer


The Wolseley Skylark Trimmer can run on rechargeable batteries and has a battery level indicator or can run directly from the mains. They have an adjustable blade height but the ceramic and titanium blades can not be sharpened. These trimmer come in a strong metal case with charging dock, adapter plug, four brushes and oil. A charge takes 1-2 hours and will give you one hours trimming time.

RRP: £53.95


Jewel Trimmer


Dual speed battery powered trimmers with F5  connection, four cutting settings and LCD battery charge display. The built in battery gives up to 5 hours cutting time.

RRP: £38


Liveryman Classic Cordless Trimmer


The Liveryman Classic is a lightweight, cordless trimmer with a rechargeable internal Lithium-Ion battery. Weighing just 290g, this is a very comfortable trimmer to use and the ergonomically shaped handpiece has a stylish metallic red finish. The Classic will give you an impressive 3.5 hours of clipping time on just 2.5 hours charge. It can be charged using the charging stand supplied or it can also be charged and operated directly from the mains using the adapter cable.

RRP: £78.99


Jester Trimmer


A super quiet battery powered trimmer with low vibration featuring a F5 blade connection, four cutting lengths and two rechargeable batteries giving 3 1/2 hours run time.

RRP: £57


Masterclip Royale


These Mains powered medium duty horse clipper have a powerful rotary DC motor. They are easy to use with pre-tensioned snap on/snap off blades. Come in a sturdy care and a free sample bottle of clipper oil. Ideal for fine coats/horses in fast paced work and perfect for first time users

RRP: £99.99