This selection of lightweight boots provide good ventilation but don't sacrifice on protection, and can be used across all disciplines as well as during turnout

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TRCventoFRONT-goccia 001


These boots can be used in all disciplines and is the first brushing boot that guarantees double ventilation. These super lightweight boots feature a dual density shell, anti-shock carbon pad, 3D mesh ducted fabric, microperforated neoprene and double velcro closure. Thus ensuring the very best in protection and comfort..

RRP: £47 to £72



Mark Todd exercise boots

x best lightweight brushing boots MT exercise boots

These stylish brushing boots are ideal for everyday use. They have a large leather-look strike pad, single straps with hook and loop style fastening and a neoprene lining to aid ventilation.

RRP: £29.95



Tri-Zone brushing boots

x best lightweight brushing boots Trizone - Brushing Boot Black

The tough, flexible and lightweight boot nature of these boots make them perfect for everyday use. The high quality neoprene provides a soft, comfortable fit. The strong TPU strike pad prevents brushing injuries and protect against other knocks. As well as these features they are easy to wear and to wash.

RRP: £24.95



HyIMPACT Brushing Boots

x best lightweight brushing boots 6138 - HyIMPACT - Brushing Boots

Although these boots look simple they provide ideal protection against any knocks or bumps. They are lightweight, with a tough, padded moulded synthetic strike pad on the inside for protection against injury. Affordable and perfect for every day use, which included turn-out. They are available in a number of colours, including a vibrant pink!

RRP: £16.99


Zandona king carbon air

x best lightweight brushing boots King Carbon Air Front White

These technical brushing boots not only offer outstanding support but also are well ventilated. The perforated Neoprene, which is ventilated by 6 Air-Vents enhanced air flow. A great brushing boots which will protect your horses legs but not allow them to get too hot

RRP: £120


Stretch & Flex™ flatwork wraps

x best lightweight brushing boots Equilibrium Black Flatwork Wrap

Using lightweight, breathable fabrics that mould and stretch around the leg, Stretch & Flex™ flatwork wraps allow the horse to move freely, without any feeling of restriction, while still benefitting from effective protection against brushing injuries.

RRP: £39.95


Mark Todd pro mesh cross-country boots 

x best lightweight brushing boots Mark Todd Pro Mesh Cross Country Boot

These pro mesh boots provide excellent impact and abrasion protection as well as stretching slightly to allow fetlock movement. They are breathable with a pro mesh outer and foam lining. The pro mesh is extremely tough and water resistant.

RRP: £35.99 to £37


LeMieux mesh brushing boots

x best lightweight brushing boots LeMieux

These smart, elegant boots are great for schooling and competition. They are lightweight due to the mesh fibre outer layer and well ventilated due to the breathable inner lining. The brushing area is well padded providing good protection.

RRP: £29.99 to £32.99


Tri-Zone all sport boots

x best lightweight brushing boots Trizone - All Sports Boot Black

This pair of brushing boots have been assessed in a laboratory and tested by leading riders for comfort and ease of use, the results are very positive. An extremely lightweight yet hardwearing boot, combining great protection with breathability, flexibility and lightness.

RRP: £39.95