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H&H Pammy Hutton / Dobson&Horrell - Talland School of Equitation
Pammy Hutton: Rule changes and designer elephants [H&H VIP]

H&H’s expert columnist discusses why BD needs more top level riders, her success at the Hickstead Premier League, whips and qualifications

Pammy Hutton: Do we really need team trainers? [H&H VIP]

H&H’s dressage columnist questions whether funding might be better spent on elite riders’ regular trainers, rather than having an official team trainer

carl hester PDS
Pammy Hutton: Big sponsorship and passé top hats [H&H VIP]

H&H’s magazine columnist discusses why top riders deserve big backing and wonders whether it’s time to bring in qualification for Premier League shows, while she has also finally had her mind made up on the top hat/crah hate debate after witnessing a horrfic accident

Spencer Wilton - Super Nova
Pammy Hutton: How can a horse be 2nd, 5th and 17th? [H&H VIP]

Pammy praises the organistaion at the winter champs, but signals a note of caution for the emerging dressage nation of Ireland. She calls for passports to work harder and for owners to take more responsibility for putting down older horses

H&H Pammy Hutton / Dobson&Horrell - Talland School of Equitation
Pammy Hutton: Is rising trot at medium a step forward or a step back? [H&H VIP]

H&H’s dressage columnist debates whether more riders would benefit from time spent riding their horses bareback

A dressage test at Badminton
Pammy Hutton: New tests and old hands [H&H VIP]

H&H’s dressage columnist shares her thoughts on new dressage tests, why many cooks don’t always spoil the broth and the freedom of not being tied to one’s mobile

H&H Pammy Hutton / Dobson&Horrell - Talland School of Equitation
Pammy Hutton: Should we set a minimum standard? [H&H VIP]

Pammy ponders whether a qualifying criteria might push up the quality of classes at major national shows and whether British Dressage will increase prize-money having now achieved charitable status

Ben Maher and Tripple X III
Pammy Hutton: The delicate sales balance [H&H VIP]

H&H’s dressage columnist muses on the tricky financial relationship between riders and owners (and livery/training fees vs. sales commission) and hopes for the safe return of the missing grey pony, Tic Toc

Making up feeds
Pammy Hutton: Cost saving and the feed minefield [H&H VIP]

H&H’s magazine columnist shares her cost-saving tips for this time of year and is facing some dilemmas while planning next year’s competition calendar

Schooling a dressage horse
Pammy Hutton: Is it time for restricted PSG? [H&H VIP]

H&H’s dressage columnist considers the options for those new to PSG and counts the cost of a place at Rio 2016