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Darren Edwards: Hoping for competitive racing at Stratford tonight [H&H VIP]

A decline in horses and riders has meant fewer hunter chases, but they can still be competitive says our point-to-point columnist

South Midlands Area Point to Point  07.02.10
Darren Edwards: Why he hates letting down owners [H&H VIP]

Fewer point-to-point jockeys available on big weekends means our correspondent sometimes has to make a diffciult decision

Berkeley Hunt point to point April 25 2009
Darren Edwards: to water the course — or not? [H&H VIP]

At least the ground is no longer waterlogged, but the faster going gives another headache to clerks of the course, says our poimt-to-point correspondent

South Midlands Area Point to Point
Darren Edwards: horses may ‘lose’ point-to-points at Aintree [H&H VIP]

There may be glitz and glamour at Aintree and Cheltenham, but when horses have had taxing runs on difficult ground, their prowess in points may be affected, says our columnist

Tammys Hill
Darren Edwards: the Brits may overtake their Irish counterparts… soon [H&H VIP]

Our point-to-point columnist enjoys his ride at the Cheltenham Festival and hopes that ‘home-based talent’ will match their Irish counterparts at Aintree next week

Darren Edwards: Close finishes are not an exact science [H&H VIP]

The ‘bowler-hatted personnel’ who judge close finishes may not always get it right, says our point-to-point columnist, but their decision is final

Berkeley Hunt point to point April 25 2009
Darren Edwards: Can we challenge the Irish in the Cheltenham Foxhunter? [H&H VIP]

H&H’s pointing columnist looks ahead to Cheltenham and wonders if the English runners can hold their own against the Irish raiders

muddy conditions
Darren Edwards: Don’t forget the landowners [H&H VIP]

H&H’s pointing columnist reminds us all not to overlook the efforts of volunteers and land owners alike — the sport would be nowhere without them

Coombe Hill Paywall
Darren Edwards: why shouldn’t older horses continue to race? [H&H VIP]

As 15-year-old Amicelli runs a decent race, our point-to-point columnist asks, how old is too old?

Berkeley Hunt point to point April 25 2009
Darren Edwards: balancing point-to-point excitement with minimising risks [H&H VIP]

The combination of waterlogged ground and the low January sun poses problems for racecourse officials to provide exciting — but safe — sport for spectators