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New Forest hounds meet the public
Andrew Sallis: Maintaining positive PR [H&H VIP]

Andrew Sallis recalls some embarrassing incidents at hound shows and builds up to judging hounds at the Festival of Hunting

Belvoir Hunt Kennels  21.06.11 Feeding Hound Puppies, hounds, puppy
Andrew Sallis: Wisdom, wit, charm and mischief [H&H VIP]

Not every huntsman wishes to show their hounds, however Andrew Sallis reflects how those with good confirmation suited to their hunt country may hunt even better for longer

Children hunting
Andrew Sallis: Don’t take us for granted [H&H VIP]

As the Prime Minister announces the amendment to the Hunting Act 2004 made by Statutory Instrument will not be brought forward, Andrew Sallis warns that the support of the hunting community should not be taken for granted going into the General Election

Children hunting
Andrew Sallis: Inspiring the next generation [H&H VIP]

Andrew Sallis discusses how inspiring younger members of the field can secure the future of hunting

eton college flooding
Andrew Sallis: Keeping the show on the road [H&H VIP]

H&H’s hunting columnist looks forward to accessing more country in February after shooting finishes

VWH hounds
Andrew Sallis: A Christmas disaster averted [H&H VIP]

H&H hunting columnist remembers a Christmas Day when his relaxed attitude nearly landed him in a heap of trouble