CAMEO’S REFLECTION: PB; SHB(GB); 1994; ch; 16.2hh; Dallas-Hot Brandy; Mr & Mrs J Rawding.
ROCKLAND: AES; 1998 grey; Corlando-Nimmerdor; P Carlsson & J Greve.
FAIRLYN GEMINI: AA; SHB(GB); 1978 bay 16hh; Orion-Pollard, Mrs N Nash.

ARGENTILE GULLIT: AES; 1988 bay; Ulft-Apple King; P Green.
DER WELLBELOVED: Han; BWBS; 2003 dk br; De Niro-Pik Bube; Mrs C Bailey.
PLINIUS: BWP; BWBS; 1999 grey; Karioka Del Follee-Cassini; R Selleck.

HARRISON HIMSELF: AES; 1989 bay; Mytens XX-Nimmerdor; Mr Heley & Mrs J Harvey.
ORCHARD GLASNOST: Dutch sport pony; SPSS; 1994 bay 152cm; Wester Aikeman’s Norbert-Vita Nova’s Golden Boris; S Freeth.
LABAN: Dan Old; SPSS; 1985 bay 148cm, Aleksander-Honnor Ostop; M Thompson.
LAGOS: KWPN; SHB(GB); 1993 br 16.3hh; Ferro-Persian Path; L Peyton-Gilbert.
MEDNIGHT MAHOUT: PB; SHB(GB); 1996 bl 16.hh; Jumbo; Mrs T Anderson.

CARL: AES; 1993 br; Casper-El Beauty; Miss P Filer.
CARNAVAL DRUM: KWPN; AES; 1984 ch; Marinier XX-African Drum; K Cooper.
CAROUSEL: Hol; AES; 1991 dk bay; Caretino-Roberto; Mrs S Foley.
CATHERSTON DECIPHER: PB; SHB(GB); 1990 liv ch 16.2hh; Dutch Courage-Roedean Rhythm N’ Blues; S Brotherton.
CATHERSTON GOLD STORM: PB; BWBS, SHB(GB); 1991 br 16.1hh; Dutch Gold-Xenocles XX; Mr & Mrs A Loriston-Clarke.
CATHERSTON LIBERATOR: PB; BWBS, SHB(GB); 1993 bay 16.1hh; Liboi XX-Jashin; Mr & Mrs A Loriston-Clarke.
CATHERSTON SPRINGSTEEN: WB; SHB(GB), BWBS; 1997 ch 16.2hh; Dutch Dream-Saks; Mr & Mrs A Loriston-Clarke.
DON AMORE: Br Han; BWBS; 2001 ch; DiMaggio-Weltmeyer; Mr & Mrs J Wickes.
DROSSAGE: Old; AES; 1997 bay; Drossan-Lauriston; R Weinreich.
FABERGE 50: Hess; BWBS; 1998 br; Fidermark-Pazifik; N Barrett.
LAST MINUTE: Han; SHB(GB); 2000; dk bay; 16.2hh; Londonderry-Cavalier; Mrs J Smith.
PAULDARYS ROMEO: DWB; AES; 199; ch; Racot-Chopstick; Miss P Filer.
RUBEKK: AES; 1992 bay; Rubinstein-Akzent II; Mrs C Billett.
SARAH’S TANGO: AES; 2000 dk br; Jazz-Chronos; S Tyler-Evans.
SARAH’S TIMELESS: AES; 2000 dk br; Kennedy-Elmshorn; S Tyler-Evans.
SARAH’S UMJART: AES; 2001 br; Goodtimes-Belfalas; S Tyler-Evans.
WAYLAND LOGANBERRY: NF; SPSS; 1999 bay 148cm; Wayland Cranberry-Vernons Vineyard; M Bryant.
WOLKENTANZER: Han; BHHS; 1995 br 16.1hh; Wolkenstein II-Cavalier; Avonvale Hanoverians. More info >>

DON RICOSS: Han; BHHS; 2002 bl; Don Frederico-Weltmeyer; Mrs C Mitchell.
PARSON’S SEQUEL: WB; BWBS; 1997 bay; Silvio-Atlantus; L Mundee & I Poole.
MARIUS CLAUDIUS: AES; 1994 bay; Concorde-Nimmerdor, D Cornish.
OCOMBO DE L’EAU: AES; 1998 skew; Concorde-Samber; D Cornish.
PAPPENHEIMER: AES; 1994 bay; Prinzregent-Grabensprung; E & S Rust.
ROMANOV II: KWPN; SHB(GB); 1998 ch 16.2hh; Heartbreaker-Fedor; Mrs T Forrest.
SAMBERTINO: KWPN; SHB(GB); 1993 skew 16.2hh; Samber-Wellington; Mrs C Mitchell.
TALAN: KWPN; BWBS; 2000 bay; Concorde-Burgraaf; D Cornish.
UTAH VAN ERPEKOM: AES; 1997 skew; Landetto-Calimero; C Humphries.

ANGEL K: AES; 1989 pal; Rapid-Pilar; Mrs K Ostborne.
ATLANTIC DANCER: PB; SHB(GB); 1989 bay 15.3hh; Atlantus-Dancing Instructor; Mrs A Welch.
BROADSTONE DICKENS: WB; BWBS; 1991 br; Demonstrator-World Cup I; Mrs Drury.
NEANDER: KWPN; AES 1995; bl; Holland-Belmondo; G Dalton.
VALLENTHIENO: BWP; SHB(GB); 1998 bay16.2hh; Darco-Ferrum; S Nichol.
ZENTURIO: AES; 1993 bay; Zeoliet-Apple King; J Bunyan.

WORLD’S FAIR: Br Han; BWBS; 1999 grey; World Classic-Demonstrator; Mrs L Johns.

ASTONISH: KWPN; AES; 1994 br; Voltaire-Wellington; H Andersen.
LIBERACE: Old; BWBS; 1996 bay; Lord Liberty G-Kostolany; C Chan.
MILLENIUM: Old; SHB(GB); 1989 dk br 16.3hh; Manstein-Grandios; Miss L Richardson.
POUCHKA III: SF; AES elite; 1981 bay 16.3hh; Elf III-Quesmoy; S Hobbs.
TINY TIM: AES; 1975 ch 12.2hh; T Goosen.
TRIFOLIO: XX; SHB(GB); 1987 bay 16hh; Touching Wood-Mill Reef; Miss C Bryson.
WANNINGER: Han; BWBS, BHHS; 1983 dk bay 16.2hh; Wenzel-Shogun XX; Mr & Mrs Hobbs.

BF UTOPIA: AES; 1996 br; Lord Z-Concorde; Mrs B Streeter.
CATHERSTON ZULU: AES; 1989 bay; Zandor-Dutch Courage; Thundry Stud.
LENSKI: AES; 1997 bay; Leandro-Lord; Miss H Troniseck.
OCTOPUSSY II: KWPN; SHB(GB); 1996 dk bay 16hh; Concorde-Le Mexico; J Killick.
ROYAL ROSE: AES; 1998 ch; Calvados-Notaris; Mrs B Streeter.

ALME DES NIDS: AES; 1986 bay 163cm; Alme-Foudre De Guerre; Gustavii Stud.
ANIMO: AES elite; 1982 bay; Alme Z-Amor; K & M Aasen.
BEACH BOY II: AES; 1989 bay; Burggraaf-Lucky Boy XX; Miss M Campbell.
CARETINO GLORY: BWP; AES, SHB(GB); 1998 bay 16.2hh; Cheenook-Glorieux; Brendon Stud.
CHAIRMAN: Hol; AES, BWBS, SHB(GB); 1985 bay 16.3hh; Cor De La Bryere-Lord; C O‘Hara. Read more >>
EDELSTEIN: West; SHB(GB); 1999 bay 16.2hh; Ehrentusch-Feuerglanz; J Wallace.
GIVE ME REMUS: AES; 1992 bl 16.2hh; Grannus-Caprilli; Renkum Stud.
HAMILTON III: AES, SHB(GB); 1991 ch 16.2hh; Siprano-Alentuur; Brendon Stud.
HAMILTON TROPICS: AES; 1998 ch; Hamilton III-Tropic Star 16.3hh; Brendon Stud.
IRCO MIRO GII: AES; 1994 grey; Irco Mena-Raldo Polo; Gustavii Stud.
JANCE: AES; 1991 bay; Fruehling-Farnese; Mrs B Morelli.
JAZZ DANCER: AES; 1991 bay, Ferro-Irco Polo; V Thompson.
KEYSTONE DIMAGGIO: Han; BWBS; 1995, ches; Don Primero-World Cup I; UK Hanoverians.
LAR CHIN GII: AES; Grey, 164cm; Lars Irco G-Irco Marco; Gustavii Stud.
LARS IRCO G: AES; 1991; Irco Mena-Imperius; Gustavii Stud.
LAURISTON: AES; 1985 bay 16.2hh; Latus-Goldfalk; Renkum Stud.
LEVANO: AES; 1993 dk br; Hofnar-Widor; C Tolliver.
MANGO EXPRESS: AES, 1982 dk bay; Free State-Polic; Mrs M Campbell Andenaes.
MEGABYTE: KWPN; AES; 1994 ch; Concorde-Ahorn; Mrs M Baker.
NEDERLAND F: KWPN; AES, SHB(GB); 1995 bay 16.3hh; Holland-Ramiro Z; Brendon Stud.
RENKUM VALENTINO: AES; 1996 br 16.2hh; Concorde-Marco Polo; Renkum Stud.
RHONDEO: Han; BWBS; 2002 br 16.1hh; Rotspon-Brentano II; S Davies.
ROYAL ANGELO II: West; BWBS; 1990 bay; Rosenkavalier-Angelo XX; G Somerset.
RIVALLINO: Han; BWBS, BHHS; 1999 dk bay; Rosentau-Glueckspitz; UK Hanoverians.
STANHOPES DIDDICOY: Hess; SHB(GB); 1990 skew 16.2hh; Ico-Gottward; Viscountess Petersham.
THE STAR OF ORION: AES; 1988 bl; Aspirant-Cross; Mrs A Wear.
UNBELIEVABLE DARCO: BWP; AES, SHB(GB); 1997 bl 16.2hh; Darco-Grandeur; Brendon Stud.
VECHTA: KWPN; AES; 1991 dk bay; Voltaire-Joost; D Barnwell.
WAIKATO: Han; BWBS; 2000 ch; Weltmeyer-Golfclub; UK Hanoverians.
WALENTINO: Han; BWBS; BHHS; 1998 dk br; Weltmeyer-Sherlock Holmes; UK Hanoverians.


AA: Anglo Arab; AUS: Australian; Bav: Bavarian; Brand: Brandenburg; BWP: Belgian Warmblood; Con: Connemara; DV: Danish Warmblood; Han: Hanoverian; Hess: Hessen; Hol: Holstein; ID: Irish Draught; ISH: Irish Sport Horse; KWPN: Dutch Warmblood; NTR: Non-Thoroughbred Register; NZ: New Zealand; Old: Oldenburg; PB: Part-bred; PBA: Part-bred Arab; Rhein: Rheinlander; SF: Selle Francais; SSH: Scottish Sports Horse; Trak: Trakehner; Weser Ems: German Riding Pony; West: Westphalian; WB: Warmblood; WPB: Welsh part-bred; XX: Thoroughbred

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