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Horse & Hound Awards 2017: voting terms and conditions

You are voting for the winners of the Horse & Hound Awards in the following ten (10) categories: TopSpec Vet of the Year; NAF Five Star Profeet Farrier of the Year; Horseware Groom of the Year; Volunteer of the Year; NAF Five Star British Riding Club of the Year; Pikeur…

Horse & Hound Awards 2017: Nomination Terms and Conditions

Promoter of the Horse & Hound Awards (“Awards”): Time Inc. (UK) Ltd, (“TIUK“), which has its registered offices located at the 161 Marsh Wall London E14 9AP and is a company registered in England and Wales under company number 53626. Method of Nomination By post: You can complete the nomination…

At last we are able to enjoy some warm weather — but that means horse owners need to be prepared for the flies, sunburn and hard ground that are the inevitable result, so here are H&H's summer tips to help you and your horse keep your cool