Find out how best to deal with common equine wounds

Find out all the latest research about puncture wounds in horses — and their prognosis


Can honey heal horses? [H&H VIP]

New research has been conducted to see if honey can have a healing effect on horses


Six wound types commonly found in horses

Horses tend to be accident prone, so it’s not uncommon as an owner to find yourself dealing with an injury of one kind or another


Using maggots to help heal horses’ wounds

Vets in France and Mali have recently reported the use of maggots to encourage healing in chronic wounds in 41 horses

Willingsford – a small Southampton-based medical company – has received a £250,000 grant to help the development of their wound-healing product, SertaSil

Clinical trials showed that SertaSil accelerated the early phases of wound healing by 50%. It is a powder and does not require secondary dressings


How to heal a horse’s split or cracked lips

The debate about what to do if blood is seen around a horse’s mouth during international competition is set to rumble on into 2012. But what can we do if an oral wound does occur?


Silver lining for accident prone horses

Equimins has launched a new wound gel containing a number of selected
ingredients including natural colloidal silver


Equine Anti-LickStrip shortens wound healing time

The cayenne pepper plaster is placed over dressings to deter itchy or inquisitive horses from biting and chewing.