Online survey hosted by the BHS urges horse owners to have their say in the fight against the poisonous weed

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Further warnings about acorn poisoning

Horse owners are once again being urged to keep an eye on acorns this autumn after a horse in Berkshire died from acorn poisoning


Beware of poisoning in bumper acorn crop

Owners are being warned to keep an eye on horses grazing in fields with oak trees due to a bumper crop this autumn


Cause of Australian horse deaths uncertain

Tropical plants are suspected of causing the deaths of 40 horses in Queensland

The Welsh Assembly Government has unveiled a new code of practice to prevent and control the spread of ragwort

A group of horses in California, believed to have been deliberately poisoned with oleander leaves, are recovering


Twenty-three horses poisoned with killer leaves

Poisonous oleander leaves fed to showing horses on American ranch

Beware Poison!

HORSE Magazine reviews Beware Poison! by Heike Gross


Pigs save New Forest ponies

Record numbers of pigs were released into the New Forest during Pannage season this year but although they ate up thousands of poisonous acorns they showed no respect to the police