Even a horse that is stabled full-time can get mud fever in certain circumstances as this case study demonstrates

Pioneering research suggests that clues to future lameness can be found in the feet. Dr Sue Dyson explains what to look out for

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New research on foot lameness [H&H VIP]

There are some surprises findings about foot-related lameness in a new study. Peter Green MRCVS looks at the implications


Horse owners needed for lameness survey

Researchers need owners to take part in a survey to learn more about lameness


Study could lead to ‘unbiased’ flexion tests for horses

Can flexion tests ever be objective rather than subjective? Yes, say researchers involved in a new study that has trialled a sensor-based system to measure a horse’s response

Suspensory ligament injury is surprisingly common in the dressage world. But how can we reduce the risk?

The complex joint disease osteochondrosis develops within a foal’s first year and has the potential to cause lifelong soundness issues


Successful conference held by Hallmarq MRI

Hallmarq MRI has held another successful conference where diagnosis of equine lameness was discussed


Could the majority of UK horses be lame?

New research would seem to indicate that many horses’ lameness is going undetected in the UK and your horse could be among them


Research shows a slipping saddle may point to lameness

A slipping saddle may be an early sign that your horse is suffering from hindlimb lameness, research by the Animal Health Trust has found