Following the deaths of 2 horses on Guernsey, a new vaccine trial by been launched by the Animal Health Trust

For reasons no one really understands, Scotland has the highest prevalence of grass sickness in the world — especially in the east between Dumfries and Inverness

Five-year-old Maggie died from grass sickness on 13 July

Warnings after July grass sickness spate

The late spring has caused an increase in the number of grass sickness cases for the time of the year.


Equine grass sickness: is your horse at risk?

With no known cause and a low survival rate, grass sickness remains a veterinary mystery. But research has identified a large number of risk factors associated with the condition


Equine grass sickness vaccine trial planned

A hundred horses and ponies in the UK’s equine grass sickness hotspots will be vaccinated against the deadly disease this winter

Owners are being urged to be especially vigilant for grass sickness this month

Research suggests high metal content in soils could be connected to grass sickness


The latest on grass sickness

Soil, water and plant samples have uncovered new information on the potential causes of grass sickness


Take part in scientific research into the causes of grass sickness

A research team needs to take samples from properties where equine grass sickness has occured in the past


Grass sickness: who is at risk?

How is grass sickness caused and which horses are most at risk?