H&H finds out what level of first-aid cover you can expect for your entry fee

Competitors at the BSPS Area 6 show in Solihull have spoken of their anger that first-aiders took too long to attend pony producer Samantha Roberts when she broke her leg


Riding injuries first aid course to raise funds for Air Ambulance

Would you know how to cope with an injured rider? An evening of specialist first aid to deal with the aftermath of an equestrian accident is being held in North Yorkshire on Monday 14 April

Your Horse’s Health First Aid

Your Horse’s Health First Aid, by vet Anna Rush is a compact hardback with a reassuringly bright red cover that will survive the rigours of the tackroom and still be found when it’s most needed. It’s laid out in four …


The ideal first-aid kit for an equine emergency

A well stocked first aid kit will ensure you have the right items at hand to deal with an injury to your horse

Professional first aid training will help you to deal with an injured rider in an emergency and will be attractive to a prospective employer, says H&H

Don’t panic! Horse & Hound offers the latest advice on the best way to deal with that common problem of a bleeding wound


First aid: Hunting falls

Horse & Hound has expert advice from a former hunt master and doctor on the best way to look after a casualty that occurs when out hunting


First aid: Eye injuries

The dusty nature of the stable yard can play havoc with your eyes and knowing what to do if a foreign body invades the eye can help prevent a casualty from loss of sight


First aid: Severe bleeding

A wound that is bleeding profusely can look scary but knowing what to do in this situation can help save a human casualty’s life in an emergency